A former contestant in ‘Trading Spaces” shares her memories of the TLC show


Many people long to appear on reality television shows that focus on home improvement. TLC to HGTV, many families across the country have their dream homes. But what happens if the dream turns into a nightmare. A TikTok user has gone viral after making videos about her own family’s home makeover fail. 

The Famous Spray Painted Couches

Trading SpacesThe renovation team is well-known for creating bizarre rooms for homeowners. The renovation team seems to have never mastered the art of designing bizarre rooms and horrible paint jobs. 

One infamous episode revolved around a couple who were horrified after they returned to their home and found out the show’s team had spray painted their couches. The inside scoop on the whole episode is available here TikTok user @thewo0o0rstThe answers are right here. 

“This was my parents’ episode,”In a video, she spoke out about her experience. “[It] was filmed in 2001. And this is what they did to our couches.”The video shows chairs, couches, and other furniture that has been spray painted hot pink. There are water streaks visible on the paint. 

Were The Show’s Designers Sabotaged?

“Super common comment I keep seeing is ‘was there sabotage with the couches?’”She continued. “I am sorry to break your hearts: no, there was not. Nobody ripped the tarps down, production didn’t sabotage it.”

She explained that “It was December in the Seattle area, they were being painted outside underneath a wooden deck and it was pouring, so water was dripping in from above…rain was blowing in from the sides. It was super windy…so [the couches] were destroyed, but there was no sabotage.”

What happened to the Couches

“When filming wrapped, they left the couches in our garage,”According to a TikTok user “So, we let them sit there for…two weeks because they were soaking wet and covered in wet paint.”Evidently, the couches never dried out. “they had to go to the dump, soaking wet.”

She explained that the show replaced the couches that were damaged with Ikea ones. “They sent the carpenter — by the way, Ty Pennington and Amy Wynn were not really the carpenters. They did a little bit of stuff, but there was an off-camera carpenter.”

“We kept our room up for about six months,”The TikTok user did not stop. “My mom actually sold everything in the room, except for the couches, to some guy in Denver. And 20 years later, my parents do still have one of the Ikea couches.”

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