A former Sheriff’s Deputy is charged with burglarizing an Arizona couple while they said ‘I do’


It was supposed to be an Arizona couple’s dream wedding, until a thief walked away with expensive gifts and a priceless card from the bride’s late grandmother. 

Police say surveillance cameras showed the well-dressed suspect taking a moneybox containing thousands in cash and gift vouchers.

It all happened while Ryan and Katherine McWilliams were saying their vows at a beautiful outdoor venue near Phoenix. Inside Edition spoke with the couple while on their honeymoon in Italy.

“He’s the perfect random guest who shows up late to a wedding,” Ryan said.

“He knew exactly when to come. It was right during the ceremony when everyone was sitting and no one would be around,”Katherine said.

The bride’s parents are also outraged. Among the gifts taken was a card from Katherine’s grandmother who died of COVID-19 in January.

“There was a special card from her and a note from her, and there’s no way to get that back,” the bride’s father said.

A suspect was arrested and identified as former sheriff’s deputy Landon Rankin. Rankin was also a guest on a television crime show and was charged with burglary.

The bride says that their friends and family didn’t tell them until the next day, so they could enjoy their wedding.

“We had no idea that it had happened. It was the most wonderful and perfect day of our entire lives,”Katherine said.

The couple set up a GoFundMeThey will try to recover the $2,000 they have lost in gifts.

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