A former teacher is thanked by an airline worker


After realizing her favorite teacher was onboard, WestJet’s airline employee made an emotional announcement to mark National Teacher’s Day.

“I might get emotional, but today I saw my teacher from 1990, Miss O’Connell, who’s here on the aircraft, who is my favorite teacher ever and I haven’t seen her since 1990,”Lora Caruso spoke through the loudspeaker.

She shared how Miss O’Connell, who taught high school English and music, changed her life.

“This lady made me love Shakespeare, got me to play piano. I have my Master’s in Piano and I can write an essay. Thank you, Miss O’Connell. I love you!”Caruso stated.

Caruso then ran down to hug her teacher after a 30 year reunion.

“You made my day today!” O’Connell told her.

“You made my life! I love you,”Caruso stated.

“It was a very emotional moment at that time. We both cried a lot, and I was in complete shock when I saw her because she saved me from so much,”Caruso shares Inside Edition.

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