A Heartwarming Interaction Between Tom Brady with 7-Year Old Fan Resurfaces


Just recently, an online video featuring Tom Brady from 2017 was shared. The video is from Super Bowl LI Media Day. Brady answers a question from Joseph, a seven-year-old fan. Joseph asked Brady a question about his hero. This led to Brady becoming very emotional.

Brady clearly has a close relationship with his Dad. Brady enjoys making fun of his father, especially after learning that Tom Brady Sr. had spoken to the media about Brady. Brady shared his love for his father with WEEI. per Insider.“A parent will know how much they love their children. My Dad has been my best friend throughout my entire life. He has been my No. 1 supporter. I’m hoping he’ll be cheering me along at the game.

“He’s a great man, and I love him to death. He’s taught me everything about life. Certainly about how to be a father because he’s been the best one a son could ever ask for. I try to pass those things on to my kids because he was so supportive of me and that my three sisters were all great athletes in their own right. My mom they’re still married after close to 46 years. I’ve been very, very fortunate.”

Brady Sr. led the New England Patriots into a Super Bowl, despite him missing four of the first four games due to his suspension for deflate-gate. Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, was criticized by Brady Sr. for claiming that it would be an “honor” Brady can receive the Lombardi Trophy if the Patriots win Super Bowl.

“It should be an honor because somebody that has Roger Goodell’s ethics doesn’t belong on any stage that Tom Brady is on,” Tom Brady Sr. KRON-TV in San Francisco. He went on a witch hunt, went way beyond his capabilities, and had to lie many times. The truth is that Tommy was never suspended for deflating footballs. He got suspended because the court said that he could — Roger Goodell could do anything he wanted to do to any player for any reason whatsoever. This is what happened. The NFL said they didn’t have any evidence about him. The Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons at the Super Bowl. It was, therefore, a very successful season, despite Brady’s lousy start.

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