A heroic woman attacks a sex predator with rocks while he assaults a 16-year old girl in a car park


Theresa Locke was at work in a taxi company when the brutal sexual assault began. Although she was punched in her face by the attacker, she continued to throw rocks and stones until help arrived.

After dragging a 16-year old girl into a carpark, a have-a-go hero tried to attack a sex predator with rocks.

After seeing Oluwaseun Oseni attack a young student, Theresa Locke intervened and began to peltinize him with stones.

The judge sentenced him to prison and said that it was yet another example of women feeling unsafe when they go out at night.

The 13-year-old girl was waiting in Maidstone for a taxi when Oseni, 33, grabbed her by her waist and pulled her against some shutters.

Ms. Locke was in the taxi company and heard the victim’s screams. She tried to intervene but Oseni punched the victim in the face. Oseni broke her glasses and left her with a black eye.

The young girl was dragged to a parking lot at the back of Pudding Lane. There he began to sexually assault her.

Ms. Locke refused to give up and tackled the drunken driver of a forklift, throwing rocks at him.

She continued shouting until other people, including a security officer, joined the fray and pulled Oseni from his victim. They then took Oseni to safety in the taxi office and locked it.

Oseni ran to the front of the building, banging on the windows, staring at the police as they arrived.

Officers arrived at the scene on August 21. The attacker was then found lying on a bench. “unconscious, snotty and dribbling”.

Oseni of Orpington, south-east London was later indicted for sexual assault and two counts each of actual bodily hurt.

He was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court for three years for sexual assault of the teenage girl and actual bodily harm to Ms Locke.

The incident shocked two taxi rank employees, and the security guard who was also there couldn’t keep the victim secure.

Judge Robert Lazarus thanked Ms. Locke for her showing “great bravery”And the victim “for her strength and resilience”During the court process.

He said: “There have been so many reports of late where women and girls feel they are not safe out at night on their own. This will not do.”

Judge Lazarus said Oseni had “tried to hide behind the alcohol”Yet, he was able use considerable strength to push and draw his victim.

He said: “This court endlessly sees day after day what people do under intoxication… and this is not what we see as a result of intoxication.

“This happens when a person is prone to sexual violence against women, and is also misogynistic.”

Ann Tayo, defending Oseni, told the court that when he was shown footage of the incident, he was “Shocked and horrified” by his actions.

She added: “I apologize on behalf of the defendant. It was a horrible nightmare.”

Ms Tayo said Oseni initially believed his drinks during a night out had been spiked – but the court heard there was no supporting toxicological evidence.

PC Lucy Edworthy, of West Kent CID, said after the defendant was jailed: “Oseni, a violent and predatory individual, saw the opportunity for a young girl to be targeted while she was trying get home.

“He is undoubtedly a danger to women and girls and the people who halted his attack should be congratulated for their actions.

“I also want to thank the victim’s family for their courage in assisting us in bringing this criminal to justice.”