A Highland Park Parade Shooting Paralyzes a Mom of an 8-Year-Old boy


Three weeks after the terrible tragedy, the mother of an 8 year old boy who was paralysed in the Highland Park shooting, Illinois July Fourth shooting, has released a new video.

“I’m sad, but it is a losing question to ask, ‘Why?’ There’s no good answer,”Keely Roberts stated.

Seven people were killed and 30 were injured by a sniper at the city’s annual holiday parade. Roberts was shot in her leg, while Luke, her son, was struck with shrapnel.

But Luke’s twin brother, Cooper, got the worst injuries. A bullet struck Luke’s chest, inflicting severe injuries to his aorta as well as his liver and spinal chord.

Roberts says that she is humbled by the courage of civilians to rush in and risk their lives for her children.

“There were countless people who didn’t think twice and ran back into the scene and helped us. Cooper would not be alive today if it were not for the act of these people who just risked everything to ensure that this little boy lived,” Roberts said.

And she has the same gratitude for the hospital staff who saved Cooper’s life.

“They fixed what could not be fixed in that little boy. It was nothing short of a miracle. They refused to give up on Cooper. They were not going to let that little boy die. What words do you possibly have for people that would not give up on your son?” Roberts said. 

She wishes that all attention should be placed on victims and not the 21-year old alleged shooter, who is said to have a history of mental problems.

“The lesson in this is not that one person did this horrible thing. The lesson in this is that thousands of people did great things, kind things and continue to do kind things. We are so overwhelmed by kindness,” Roberts said. 

Cooper will need to stay in the hospital for a while, but Roberts said she would be fine. “continues to be optimistic.”

Yesterday, the suspect was charged with 177 counts. He is not expected to plead guilty and will appear in court next Wednesday.

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