A ‘lava’ field three times the size of a football pitch is ‘putting lives at risk’


Despite temperatures falling to below freezing in January and continuing to burn in Patna (East Ayrshire), the field continues to burn.

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Ayrshire: As a lava-like field burns, smoke pours from the ground.

A field that has been smoldering with lava-like substance “for three years”It has been described as “a” “serious risk to life”By a dad.

This week, the worried parent caught the soil smoldering on camera and claimed that it was her. “if you were to fall into that there would be nothing left of you”.

The Council chiefs stated that a former coal mine was responsible for the destruction of the East Ayrshire field, which is in south-west Scotland.

Despite temperatures falling to below freezing in January on Patna’s land, the field continues to burn.

Dad Tam Paton now claims the area has been on fire for more than 3 years. He calls for the fire to be extinguished, reports The. Daily Record.

According to the 30-year old, the searing heat has caused mass areas to ‘fall away’ and ‘turn to dust’.

Amazing footage shows smoke rising from the field, which is only a 10-minute walk from the village centre.

Tam captured photos and videos of red hot pockets made from a substance that is described as lava.

Tam told Ayrshire Live : “It’s been burning solid for the best part of three and half years.

“It doesn’t matter how cold it gets, when we have snow it just melts away instantly.

“It becomes worse in the summer months.

“The smell is potent. It is easy to smell the ground burning when you are near it.

“Bits of it have all turned to dust and fallen away.

“It is over a vast area, about the size of a football pitch and it’s only getting bigger.”

Tam is worried that the deadly field could lead to tragedy.

According to the father, the Scottish Coal Board attempted to protect the zone from danger.

He added: “If you were to fall into that there would be nothing left of you.

“It’s a real danger particularly with it being a popular spot for dog walkers and a lot of the kids like to go up that way at the weekend.

“It would just take one wrong move and it would be a disaster.

“There is only two poles and a wee wire fence, it is definitely not enough protection from an area so dangerous.”

A spokesperson for East Ayrshire Council stated: “East Ayrshire Council was first made aware of this issue last summer and since then has continued to engage with both the landowner, (FLS) , and the Coal Authority as the relevant regulatory body for such issues arising from former coal mining works, in order to ensure that the situation continues to be managed and to minimise any risk to public health and safety .

“In that regard the council is aware that appropriate safety measures were put in place, including fencing around the affected area, but unfortunately that has since been removed by unknown parties, which clearly isn’t helpful.

“The council will continue to engage with the relevant parties to ensure they fulfil their respective obligations, and in the meantime would advise members of the public to avoid the affected area and also ask them not to interfere with any safety measures which are, or might be put, in place for their own protection.”

Ayrshire Live reached out for comment to the UK’s coal mining community response team and Scottish First and Rescue.