A Message in the Bottle from Ireland Reaches Russia 40 Years after Being Sent to Sea


Famously, Sting and The Police sang that they “hope that someone gets my message in a bottle,”From their 1979 hit, but the same time that it has been around, a bottle containing a note has floated from Ireland to Russia.

A message in an old bottle, 40 years ago, was thrown off the Galway coast, Ireland. Recently, it was washed up in Kola Bay, which is an estuary north-east of Murmansk (Russia). Irish Central reported.

The bottle contained a yellow card with the address of University College Oceanography Department and a request for the bottle to be returned with details about where and when it was discovered, Irish Central reported.

It was thought that the bottle had been deliberately dumped off the coast of country to study the tides. Mirror reported.

After finding the bottle in a nearby fjord, a Russian man sent an email to NUI Galway. Irish Times reported.

The world has seen a lot of change in Ireland over the years that the bottle has been at sea. University College is now NUI Galway. Dr. Martin White, an Oceanographer at NUI Galway said that it was “quite amazing”Irish Times reported that the bottle had traveled so far.

“It is amazing to think it has gotten that far. I fully believe it made its way there by itself,”According to The Irish Times, he said so. “It can certainly reach there by the currents. It is likely 30 or 40 years since it was deployed. I think it is quite amazing, if it did go with the currents, that it survived intact, without leaking in the intervening years.”