A mother-of-5 accidentally names her five children after using drug-slang terms


A Sydney mum has revealed that she named all of her children with monikers that are nicknames for illegal drugs – completely by accident.

The Aussie mum-of-five, known as Jazz, was pregnant with her fourth son when her husband’s pal came over and they shared their latest baby name.

They decided to name the boy Oscar. However, when they told their friend, he broke into laughter.

Jazz told Kidspot: “He was hysterically laughing which made me confused… then he called the baby ‘an ounce’ and it finally clicked.”

As it turns out, people often refer to an “ounce bag of marijuana”Sometimes, an Oscar.

Jazz saw the funny side, but quickly quietened when her husband’s friend continued.

She picked the baby names for innocent reasons
She chose the names of her babies for innocent reasons

He highlighted the fact that her three older sons’ names also followed a drugs theme.

She said: “Charlie was cocaine, and Harry was heroin, I couldn’t see the Max connection at first – but he told me it’s a drink that has had GHB and amphetamines in it.

“I was half mortified and half hysterically laughing, hoping no one would ever pick up on it.”

The mom said she never realized her children had been given drug slang terms as their names. It was pure coincidence.

Max and Charlie were named so because their father, Jazz’s ex-husband, loved the minokers while Harry was named after her grandfather who passed while she was pregnant.

And, not only are her sons names linked to drugs slang, but her daughter’s is too.

Baby wearing name tag
Names for her sons, and her daughter, are slang terms that refer to drugs.

Jazz had her fifth child ten years after her youngest. She chose Jazz’s name because it was a favorite of her mother.

She said: “My mum had always said she loved the name Billy Jo, (her name is Jo) and wished she could change her name to that, it just always stuck with me, and I loved it.

“It wasn’t until later that I realised that Billy is a slang term for a bong… again we’d accidentally followed the same theme.

“But I absolutely love their names, and would choose them all again, I can’t imagine them being anything else.”

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