A mum who was 25-years-old and had never been to the top floor of her house lost half of her body weight


Ester Barboza, 35 years old, was so overweight that she could not even climb the stairs to the third floor of her house.

After losing half her body weight, a 25-year-old mum found it difficult to recognize her family after she saw the top floor of her house.

Ester Barboza (35), began to gain weight after she moved from the Czech Republic to the UK, where she lost her job and friends, and was forced to learn a foreign language.

The mother of a Greek child, who lives in Reading Berkshire, indulged in take-out and sugary snacks until she weighed in at 25st 9lbs. She was a 28/30 size.

Ester was so heavy, she could not even reach the top of her three-storey house.

After realizing she might not be able to see her son Spyros, three years old, she decided to make a change and conquer the entire staircase.

Ester lost 12 t 1 lbs after starting The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan last March. She now wears a 14-inch size and is a consultant for the weight reduction programme.

Ester stated: “We went over to Greece to see my family for the first time since before the lockdown and my mum didn’t even recognise me.

“She walked past me in the airport, then broke down in shock when she realized it was me.

“I do feel like a completely different person.

“I could not get up the stairs because I was constantly out of breath.

“But now I run up and down those stairs probably 20 times a day.

“I am more confident. I love to take photos and look in the mirror.

“I love shopping for new clothes again and I can do anything I want.”

Ester was born in Greece and moved to the UK when her husband, Christos (38), secured a new job. However, Ester struggled with confidence as she learned a new language, and started a new life.

Ester ate a lot of chocolate and crisps daily, and ate a lot of take-out food like burgers and pizzas for lunch. She also gained 6 stone during her first year living in the UK.

However, after suffering a severe sleep apnea attack during the week of her son’s second birthday, she became concerned about the consequences for her weight and decided to lose weight.

Ester stated: “When it came to food I just didn’t care what I ate.

“I used to eat as much as I wanted, and eat everything I could when I was making dinner.

“On my son’s second birthday I decided to do something about it because I realised I was terrified that I wouldn’t see him grow up if I carried on.

“Now that I’ve lost weight, I love to hike and do things I didn’t think I could.

“I tried loads of diets but nothing worked like the Cambridge Weight Plan.”


Breakfast: Four pieces of toast, two fried eggs, bacon and chips.

Snacks – Crisps, chocolate, or cake

Lunch: Five Guys, Pizza, Sandwich, and a Brownie

Dinner: Large platter of chicken and rice, or take-out

Supper: French fries, chicken nuggets and wrap


Breakfast: Porridge and fruit

Lunch: Salad made with eggs and low-fat cheese

Snacks: Healthy chocolate bars or fruit

Dinner: Vegetables paired with meat (e.g beef, pork).