A nail biting video shows a mum and child picking blackberries next to trains tracks – World News


Concerned viewers criticized the footage, saying that the couple appeared to be foraging along the Upfield train track which runs past Parkville Zoo, Australia.

In a heart-stopping video, a mother and her child were seen walking alongside the tracks. This raised concerns about their safety.

According to some, the pair was a couple. “foraging”Or “picking blackberries”On the loose gravel near the railway line in Melbourne (Australia).

The 19-second clip, which was shared on Reddit on January 29, shows them sifting through the bush during this scene.

“Mother and child foraging on live train tracks near Melbourne Zoo,”Read the entire post

According to reports, the incident occurred along the Upfield train track which runs past Parkville, Melbourne Zoo.

Many speculated that the woman was picking blackberries, but viewers were shocked by her dangerous actions.

Others criticized the behavior as “insane”Or “silly”One insistent “taking a kid isn’t smart.”

“Not only is that very stupid and dangerous, they also would have caused all trains to come to a stop in the area until the police came to remove them causing even more disruptions,”One person spoke up.

“It’s worth noting people who aren’t supposed to be near the track can give drivers quite a fright regardless of their intentions,”Another posted.

One person claimed that they had Safely Access the Rail Corridor training and said the woman’s actions would lead rail authorities to consider it a high-risk situation.

“Unauthorised persons in the corridor would almost certainly halt all trains in the line,”They commented.

“SARC training, among others, and a Protection Officer are mandatory in pretty much every situation inside what’s referred to as the Danger Zone beyond the yellow line on a platform.

“I think you’d likely be charged trespassing.”

They added: “Rail safety has never been a joke. This situation is high-risk and all rail authorities would consider it such.

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