A new poll ranks the popularity of Royal Family members, see who’s #1


Everybody seems to have their own favorite member or the royal family. However, after Queen Elizabeth’s passing, there’s no doubt that the family’s public images have undergone a major shake-up. Here’s what the latest popularity polls are saying about the most famous family in the UK.

Gen Z loves the Sussexes

A A new poll has been released Silver Screen Beats takes the public’s temperature towards the royal family now that their beloved matriarch has passed on. The UK has also weighed in and, as you might expect, everyone seems divided on Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s fates.

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The Duchess and Duke of Sussex have been the focus of royal gossip ever since their marriage in 2018. Although they were expelled from royal duties in 2020, it caused a storm of controversy and has won the support of young adults.

This poll shows that little has changed. Survey takers between 18 and 24 years old found Harry and Markle to be the most popular. But, this contrast is striking when you look at the other age groups.

While Harry seems to have maintained the respect of the British public despite abandoning his royal duties, more mature generations haven’t spared any affection for his American wife. Markle ranks lower than Prince Andrew among survey-takers above 65.

The Public’s Favorite Royal Family Member Is Clear

While the Sussexes remain a divisive couple, there’s no misconstruing the public’s favorite royal. The new Prince William and Princess of Wales ranked first in nearly every age category, with his wife closely following.

It’s no secret that the British public has fawned over the new heir apparent for years. Over the last decade, Kate and William have mastered the royal sphere. Many are even speculating that William might be able to skip his father in the succession line. This gossip is merely speculation. William is unlikely to be able to reign while his father is alive. But it just goes to show how much the public loves the prince.

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Even now, there’s talk of King Charles abdicating and passing the thrown down to his eldest son. This is according to the same SunPoll: 50% of survey-takers believe a monarch should abdicate at old age. However, Charles is unlikely to abdicate in his old age. The polls place the monarch in third, which proves that, even though he has a very popular son, he still commands the respect of the British public.

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