A Pennsylvania teenager was struck by lightning in her home during a heavy storm.


According to fire officials, a teenager girl was struck with lightning in her Pennsylvania bedroom.

Giana Scaramuzzo said this week she felt a giant shock in her left pinky finger as a severe electrical storm moved through her North Huntingdon Township neighborhood, which is southeast of Pittsburgh.

“All of a sudden I hear the loud sound of thunder, and I see lightning, and I see it reflect from my mirror, and all of a sudden I feel like a shock in my pinky, and then it goes up my body and out through my leg,” the 15-year-old told WTAE-TV.

Evidently, the bolt shot through her window.

Lightning struck four other houses on her street. Firefighters said that one house suffered a large hole in the roof. 

“There’s about a 12-by-12 hole in the house,”Craig Couchenour, chief of Circleville Fire, said. “It blew pretty much all the drywall on the one side of the living room out.”

Scaramuzzo stated that she is in good health and was examined by paramedics.

“I’m a little scared, still in shock. It’s kind of like I’m shaky and uneasy, too,”The teen laughed.


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