A plastic surgeon claimed 30 patients were’mutilated’ by botched nose jobs.


A plastic surgeon claims that his patients are disfigured because at least 30 people accused him in a botched nose job of mutilating their faces.

Alan Landecker was accused of “butchering”His patients were left with open, rotten wounds in Brazil.

Former patients claimed he used “unethical practice”And they claimed that they have spent thousands of pounds on their face to look great. “deformed”According to G1., a local media outlet.

After the claims, police and the Regional Medicine Board of State of Sao Paulo are now investigating the doctor.

It has been reported that some of his former patients have still not been discharged from hospital two years after going under the knife – because they are still undergoing treatment following the operations.

Marilia Frank said she has needed three surgeries to resolve the issue and is still undergoing treatment
Marilia Frank stated that she had to have three operations to fix the problem and that she is still receiving treatment

Marilia Frank, one of his former patients, stated: “I had the surgery in May this year and, when he took off the last dressing, he saw that the cartilage was rotten. My nose was broken, I was all crooked and he sent me home to take painkillers.

“My infectious disease specialist was the one who convinced him to have a second operation. However, he didn’t remove all the tissue and the infection took control of my face.”

She added: “I want justice. I was cheated for two months by him and it seems he was making a profit from the infection.”

Another patient said he has so far spent £40,000 and was left needing three other surgeries and antibiotics after visiting the doctor.

Veraldino de Freitas Junior, 35, said “My nose continued to swell after surgery. The swelling got worse over the next few days, and my friends noticed how bad it was. Finally, the wound finally opened on the 15th.

Veraldino says the botched procedure has had an impact on his mental health
Veraldino believes the botched procedure has affected his mental health

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Paula Oliveira (38), another patient, stated to the news portal that her sense of smell had been completely lost.

“I consciously chose to invest BRL 50,000 (GBP 6,600) in the best specialist, who wouldn’t give me any problems later, but he returned a worse nose and it halted my life,”She spoke.

The 39-year-old woman, a businesswoman, preferred to remain anonymous, claimed she has been left with a hole and has accused the doctor, of illegal practice.

“I found out that he operates without an assistant doctor, even though we pay for one, “She spoke.

“Another thing is the medical record – when access is not denied, there is forged or omitted information.”

However, the doctor denied the allegations and wrote a letter signed Fernando Lottenberg and Daniel Bialski by their lawyers stating that patients are responsible for not following guidelines.

The letter reads: “Dr Alan Landecker vehemently repudiates the allegations made.”

Paula said she lost a prospective job due to needing more surgeries
Paula claimed that she lost a job opportunity due to the need for additional surgeries

According to the letter, Dr Landecker has performed more than 4,000 surgeries over the past 20 years and postoperative complications were rare – corresponding to only 0.5% among his patients.

It continued: “The professional’s decency, honesty and competence will be demonstrated through examinations and documents, with undeniable proof that he did not commit any fault or error in any sphere.

“The allegations and attacks against Dr Landecker’s honor, religion, reputation, and on social media are subject to legal representation. Both criminal and civil actions will be brought against their perpetrators.