A Pregnant Woman who is not vaccinated is more likely to suffer COVID-19 complications.


CBS News reported that a study in Scotland found that pregnant women who had not been vaccinated were more likely to get COVID-19 complications than those who had.

The journal published the findings. “Nature Medicine,”Pregnant women and infants who were not vaccinated suffered complications at much higher rates than those who were vaccinated. However, the overall vaccination rate for pregnant women is lower than that of the general population.

“We really want to advocate for clear and consistent public health messaging and that’s so that doctors and midwives and health care professionals can give the right advice to women,”Dr. Sarah Stock was one of the researchers of the study.

“This advice needs to go out to partners and parents and grandparents and friends, so people can recognize that vaccination in pregnancy is the safest and most effective way for pregnant women to protect themselves and their babies.”

Scientists analyzed data on nearly 150,000 pregnancies, from March 2020 to Oct 2021, along with data from PCR testing and vaccination status.

Between Dec. 2020 to Oct. 2021 there were 4,950 confirmed COVID-19 infection in pregnant women in Scotland. 95% of those infections occurred after admission to hospital. According to the journal report, 98.1% of the 104 cases ended up in critical treatment.

Women with COVID-19 had a higher rate of perinatal deaths.

According to the study, 32% of Scottish women had received both vaccine doses by October 2021. 77% of non-pregnant women were not.

“The key take-home message that we’d love to get across is that, really, the best way to protect both mother and baby is vaccination at the earliest opportunity,”Reporters were also informed by Dr. Aziz Sheikh (another author of the study).

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