A Purse That Was Lost by a Teen Girl in 1959 is Reunited with Her Surviving Sisters


A 13-year-old girl from Houston lost her purse in the gymnasium of her elementary school. It remained there for decades until it was found by a contractor, who was hired to renovate this building.

“I was shocked to find a purse in there,” Armando Rodriguez told Inside Edition. 

He believed it would be. “a wonderful feeling”It was then returned to its original owner. Richard Lewis of the local historic society received it. He found photos and other memorabilia inside.

Emails started flooding in after the story about the purse being lost became local news. One message came from Andrea Beverly Williams’ family, who provided some details that solved the mystery.

Williams died in 2015. However, she was survived by nine children and three daughters.

The sisters were amazed to see old photos of their mom’s classmates and their grandfather. There were all sorts of notes, like an invitation to the Valentine’s dance and even a love note.

The small calendar in the purse provided a clue as to when mom lost it. Everything after April 1959 was completely blank. 

There was also a manicure set and a civil defense card outlining what to do in case of a nuclear attack.

It was like entering the time machine for Andrea, Rhonda, Deborah. 

“It’s such an unintentional time capsule of her,” Rhonda said.

Sisters are donating mom’s purse, along with its contents, to the local historical society to allow others to enjoy a trip back in 1959.

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