A QAnon follower is accused of killing children.


California surfer dad is facing charges of stabbing his young children to death with a spearfishing rifle.

Matthew Coleman, 40 appeared to live a happy life. His wife Abby, his toddler son Kaleo, and baby Roxy were often the things he praised. 

He allegedly murdered his children in Mexico after he became convinced that they were carrying HIV. “serpent DNA” and would “Make yourself into a monster”

Coleman said he was “QAnon, Illuminati conspiratorial theories enlightened.”

Coleman claims that he is now coming to terms with his delusions.

Coleman wrote the following in a letter from jail obtained by People Magazine “I was deceiving myself. I know now that the [reptile] DNA thing was a delusion in my own mind. I made myself believe something that wasn’t there.”

“I would say that Matthew Coleman has regrets,”Steve Helling, a People Magazine writer, tells Inside Edition. “And he is expressing regrets when he’s writing other people. These regrets are that he didn’t spend more time with his family, that he spent so much time reading these message boards.”

Helling claims that the father is trying to make sense of the murders.

“I don’t know that he understands quite yet the extent and the depth of how delusional some of the things he was believing were, but he is getting there,”Helling said.

Coleman has pleaded guilty.