A rare Toyota Supra sold for record $308K by an accused drug lord: The ‘Fast and Furious Franchise’ made car famous


An accused drug lord’s rare 1998 Toyota Supra sports car has been auctioned for a jaw-dropping $308,725, setting a record sales figure for the model made famous by the “Fast and Furious” film franchise.

This cunning coupe was renowned for its low mileage (only 22,962 miles), six-speed manual transmission (instead the standard four-speed automatic), quicksilver paint, and only 24 other vehicles.

The high bid was $265,000, but the auction house handling the sale charges an additional 15% buyer’s premium.

Authorities said that the vehicle was one of 29 collectible cars that were seized by the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts as part of its 2020 investigation into a large marijuana ring. The prosecutor’s office stated that thirteen of the vehicles were Supras.

Cory Taylor, the alleged leader of the trafficking syndicate, had been arrested on August 21, 2020 after police found 138 pounds of pot in a van he was driving. Police said that he was released on bail the next day and then vanished.

One day after Taylor posted bail, investigators stormed a converted fire house he owned and seized more than $4 million in cash, 188 pounds of marijuana, 24 illegal guns, and eight vintage cars, authorities said.

A search of property owned by Taylor’s mother contained 37 cars valued at more than $1 million, investigators said.

Taylor’s severely decayed body was discovered in an abandoned warehouse 2 months later. His cause of death wasn’t made public. The police at the time stated that they did not suspect foul play.

The Supra sale last week was the most expensive ever for a privately-owned model.

For perspective, in 1998, Toyota charged $39,198 for the turbocharged Supra. 

Since it was featured in the magazine, its value has rocketed. “Fast and Furious” films. 

The original Supra, as well as its sequel, was sold at an auction in Las Vegas last year for $550,000.