A restaurant worker has to share awkward customer interactions with customers and leave people in stitches


TikTok users were able to laugh at the story of a restaurant employee who shared her experience with a customer. The customer had no idea she was there for dinner.

Being a hostess can be very difficult. Many people are meticulous about what they eat and want every bite to be delicious.

And one woman on TikTok has gone viral for sharing her experiences as a restaurant worker, as she posts videos of bizarre interactions she’s had with customers who often expect her to work miracles.

Alana posts under the username in one video. @alanafinewoman, told the story of one customer who came in asking about a reservation made by someone they were meeting – but they couldn’t remember any details about it.

As the customer, the woman based in the USA said: “Hi, I’m here meeting a few people.”

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Alana asked the customer whether they had a booking. “They might.”

The woman pushed the customer to provide more details, such as the name of the reservation, but they kept it as vague as possible.

She was told by the customer: “Maybe Joe, or Selena. But I don’t know if they have one.”

They answered “Yes!” when asked how many people they had met. “There’s two of us … or maybe five, or maybe eight, or maybe three.”

Alana was trying to be helpful and told the customer she would welcome them to look through the restaurant to see if they could find their friends.

The customer said that they may have booked a table for later in the evening.

They stated: “Well hold on, it might be a reservation for 5pm, or 6pm, or maybe 7:30pm. Can you maybe check the clipboard for that reservation?”

Alana ended her video by laying out just how ridiculous the customer’s lack of information was, as she was tasked with finding a reservation with almost no details.

She said: “Sure, let me just check my clipboard here for a reservation for maybe Joe or maybe Selena. For maybe two or five or eight or three people, at maybe 5pm or 6pm or 7:30pm.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 362,000 times, had people in stitches – with commenters quick to add to the joke.

One person wrote: “Or maybe at another place.”

And someone else said: “Or a different restaurant or maybe another county.”

Und a third made a joke: “I may have chuckled. Or laughed out loud. Or cackled.”

The TikTok star, who has over 451,000 followers, has also shared similar stories about customers who have tried to use expired coupons for free food, those who want reservations after the restaurant has closed, and even people who claim to know the restaurant’s owner to get special treatment.

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