A slippery pitch invader manages to evade 14 stewards, cheering on a football fan


The crowd cheered on the football fan as the pitch invader evaded 14 stewards.

Social media has made the footage viral, showing the fan’s daring attempts to bypass security and gain entry onto the pitch for a match. The fan ran up and down the walkway looking for a gap in between the security personnel and the pitch. They were surrounded by two metal barriers.

After having failed to locate a gap, the fan looks around and finds a space between the stewards. Then they make their way towards the pitch.

After jumping over the metal barrier they are followed by three officers before turning over the advertising hoardings, and sprinting towards central circle.

The stewards stop trying to stop the fan from getting onto the pitch and decide not to chase them onto it. One user on Twitter wrote: “Moving like Messi with those feints.”

Other commentators have made fun of Manchester United’s defence and Marcus Rashford as winger, including one who said: “Better than Rashford.”

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Pitch invader
Before jumping over the metal barrier, the pitch invader discovered a gap.

Another supporter of rivals was also added: “Man United defence.”In the meantime, a fourth person wrote: “Even Maguire couldn’t stop him.”One more comment: “Ay is that Maguire as a steward now?”

United conceded 56 league goals during their disappointing campaign in 2021/22, which saw them finish at the bottom of the Premier League era. United conceded total of 69 goals in all competitions.

Only Leicester City conceded fewer goals than United, who finished on a goal difference 0.

The season included 5-0 and 4-0 losses to Liverpool, 4-1 defeats to Watford and Manchester City and a 4-0 thrashing away to Brighton & Hove Albion.