A South Carolina man has died after falling into a shredding machine at work, the Coroner says.


A 20-year-old South Carolina man reported missing in May was killed when he fell into a shredding machine, a coroner ruled Wednesday.

Duncan Alexander Burrell Gordon vanished in early May from his job at Industrial Recovery and Recycling in the state’s northern city of Greer.

Rusty Clevenger of Spartanburg County stated that pieces of a human being were found in the machine. DNA testing also confirmed that Gordon was matched with his parents. In June, the coroner’s office was called to investigate Gordon’s disappearance.

Authorities said that Gordon’s machine had been in operation when he last saw it. The machine was inspected three more times before any small fragments were found on a conveyor.

It was first checked by Gordon’s father, Mike Gordon, a supervisor at the plant, then by sheriff’s deputies and a K-9 team, and then a third time after bloody traces were discovered under the conveyor belt, investigators said.

“I can confirm the material is consistent with human fat, microscopically minute particles of skin and small pieces of bone,”In a statement, the coroner stated.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating the incident, authorities said.

According to the coroner, he cannot issue a death certificate without a corpse because the recovered material was only two ounces in weight. He said that the state has other options to confirm a death.