A State Trooper crawls into a drain pipe to save a Golden Retriever


A state trooper saved the day after a golden retriever went missing.

Thirteen-year-old Lilah had been missing for days when her owner, Rudy Fuehrer, heard her yelps about 100 feet down the road from his Binghamton home. Fuehrer stated that he was walking her two dogs, her puppies, when he heard her bark from the pipe. Associated Press report.

Fuehrer tried to lure her away with peanut butter dog treats, cheese, and then he dialed 911.

State Trooper Jimmy Rasaphone, along with his partner State Trooper Ana Reynas arrived moments later and quickly decided that one would go down into the 2-foot pipe to save the dog. Rasaphone, the smaller of the two, offered his help.

With Lilah’s leash in hand, Rasaphone descended about 15 feet into the pipe and was able to get her on a collar and bring her out, authorities said.

“He crouched down and literally disappeared into the hole with a lead that had a choker on it,”Fuehrer said so to the AP. “He was able somehow to manipulate his arms and get the choker around the dog’s head.”

Lilah is on the mend and enjoying walks on her leash with her owner.

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