A three-year-old boy is inspired by his grandfather to become a keen litter-picker


Young Huey Bullingham is passionate about litter picking. He and his grandfather John, a 63-year old, regularly pick up trash along country roads and beaches.

A three-year old boy who loves litter picking is now the world’s most adorable and youngest environmentalist.

Young Huey billsing lives in Cornwall with his parents Mark, Fae, as well as near his grandfather John Bullingham (63 years old).

John loves to pick up litter when he sees it. Young Huey picked it up, even though he couldn’t pronounce the word properly. He calls it “glitter picking”.

Huey, John, and their dog, John, clean up the country lanes around their Trevone home, near Padstow in Cornwall. They also clean up litter-ridden beaches nearby.

John stated: “Huey is encouraged by me, and it’s called glitter picking which is quite cute.

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“I’ve been trying to educate him on the environment and how it helps and he’s very keen – at three and a half he seems to get it, or he’s pretending he does

“It’s all around us, on the beach and in our lanes. Every time we go out, we pick up litter.”

“You can throw out your cars and litter on our lane. It’s something I have done for years, and Huey now does it with me. He loves it.

“There are many people that pass him down the lane. They all compliment him and that is what he loves.

John explained that Huey was inspired by the local community-interest company ‘Beach Guardian,’ who encourage people in their area to do their bit.

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A spokesperson from the Beach Guardian team stated: “At Beach Guardian, we love featuring our ‘stars’ – people of all ages who send us pictures and stories of their beach cleaning and litter picking experiences

“This could be people who are just starting out or those who have been doing it for many years.

“We’re really proud that we have been able to equip over 100 people in Cornwall so far with litter picking equipment

“It’s made a massive difference in our communities knowing that people have the equipment and knowledge of what to do through having engaged with us on one of our regular beach cleans, or having watched one of our videos on Youtube.”

It is now known that millions of Brits leave litter on beaches, and they are willing to continue doing so.

An analysis of 2000 adults revealed that almost 4 out 10 have left litter on the beaches, and 51% believe they will continue this bad habit.

One third of those who experience this problem blame it on not being near enough bins. However, 34% blame it on not having a bag to take the trash home.

It was also discovered that the average Brit visits a beach at least eight times per year. Half of Brits take a picnic.

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