A top DJ who “never missed an opportunity” tragically passes away just two weeks after receiving a diagnosis of cancer.


After being diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago, a well-known DJ has tragically died.

Phil Cheung, more commonly known as DJ Chill was killed before doctors could identify the type of cancer that he was fighting.

The Northern Ireland native, 46-year-old, left behind a legacy. “devastated”Reports on the community of family and friends, not only in his home but around the globe. Belfast Live.

Jackie Coade, his close friend, was there for him throughout his cancer journey. Jackie has spoken of his amazing legacy.

She stated: “He was such a lovely person who was always thinking of other people – he did a lot of charity work and would have been involved in a lot of events through the Marketplace Theatre in Armagh, he was the DJ who always gave his time and would have never asked for anything in return.”

Phil was an important DJ, and often traveled to Ibiza and Liverpool to work. Seb Fontaine, among others, has taken a moment to honor Phil.

Phil was a respected DJ and figure within the music industry. He also worked as an account manager for a Benburb company. “never missed a day”He was a fierce advocate for all that he did.

Jackie continued: “He was amazing, absolutely amazing and we were so incredibly proud of him. As his friends, we knew how brilliant he was but when you read the comments people have made and who has made them shows how many people he touched.

“It took him two weeks and four more days to die. He didn’t have the time or patience to even try to understand it. It is so tragic.

“There is a really important health message in all of this, please if your body feels different or if you notice something wrong… please go get checked because Phil was always thinking of other people and didn’t want to take anything away from someone else who is really unwell.

“We are still shocked that we had to organize a funeral for him. He was 46 years old and only had two weeks and four days.

“Phil passed away very peacefully surrounded by love and with friends who told him how much we loved him, and we made a promise that we would be there from the very beginning of this and he would never be on his own and he wasn’t.”

Phil’s friends organized a fundraiser to pay funeral costs. “no family left behind”.

Within one hour of the link going live, they were able achieve their goal. They plan to use the money for the send-off that he truly deserves.

Jackie added: “We know there is messaging going out across Northern Ireland about A&E or GPs being unable to see people but just keep pushing it and pushing it because there really is a lesson to be learnt here that you shouldn’t ignore your body and your health is just as important.”

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