A toxic AC leak is suspected to be the cause of mysterious deaths at the Bahamas Resort.


Although authorities are still investigating what may have caused the mysterious deaths of three American vacationers at a resort in the Bahamas, suspicion is being cast toward the resort’s air conditioners.

Donnis Chiarella was celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary with Vincent. Vincent, 64 years old, was found lying down on the floor in the villa where he was staying with his wife. His ailing wife found him on the floor.

“Donnis woke up feeling paralyzed, is what was reported to us, couldn’t move, said her arms and her legs were swollen. And that she could see Vince lying on the floor,”Kevin Rainbolt, another resort guest, became friendly with the couple and said, “Today.”

Donnis was taken to Miami Hospital in critical condition. 

According to her brother, “When they got to the hotel, the air conditioner wasn’t working. [Staff] were working on it everyday.”

He also said his sister is “covered in rashes.” 

Sandals also had another American guest who said, in a Facebook post: “It sounds as if it might have been a fault in the a/c unit, causing toxic coolant leaking.”

Bahamian officials say that the two other victims were also admitted to the clinic with nausea and vomiting. They were taken to the hospital and treated.

Police say they found them dead the next day, showing signs of convulsions.

Bahamian police identified them as Robbie Phillips and Michael Phillips, both travel agents.

“It definitely gives me cause for concern, just because you want to know what happened,”Sydney Rosenquist, a guest just arriving at the resort, said this.

Dr. Priyabanerjee, pathologist, said that carbon monoxide is one thing to rule out.

“I would just go in, take an air sample,” Banerjee said.

In a statement, Sandals Resorts confirmed the three deaths and said they are working with authorities and the guests’ families in every possible way.


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