A woman is shocked to meet her dad’s secret partner at his funeral. He then kicks her out.


Funerals will never be easy.

One woman, however, was divided online after she kicked her dad’s secret partner out of his memorial.

Reddit anonymously, she shared how she learned about their relationship two years after they began dating.

It all started when she saw his text messages, which were the reason for her tears. Irish Mirror reports.

Pam was never spoken of by the father. He also did not introduce Pam to his daughter.

She said: “I was ‘officially’ told about Pam when I collected my dad’s office things after he died, and a large photo of her was there.

“His colleagues were shocked I didn’t know. I just threw the photo away.”

The woman was criticised for not letting her girlfriend grieve.

She also added: “I made all the funeral arrangements.

“Pam tried contacting dad’s phone – I assume she saw all the posts on his Facebook and the funeral date online.

“I never responded to her. Yet before his wake started, Pam and her family showed up – and planned to be a part of the services!

“I was there to attend the wake. She and her three sons, daughter-in-law and grandkids were all there talking with some of their friends.

“She’s known them all for 3-4 years!”

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When guests and funeral directors asked her daughter why Pam hadn’t invited her, she replied that she didn’t know anything about Pam.

Pam claimed that the daughter was hers. “refused”Meet her.

She also added: “I was floored. The funeral people asked me why I didn’t include her since she’s his significant other.

“I explained to them that I lived with my dad for the past five years, and that I’ve never met or dated her.

“At this point, Pam got out of the provided chair and tried to play it cool by saying ‘Oh come now!’ while pulling me aside to ‘chat’.”

She stated: “During this chat, she told me ‘You’re going to embarrass yourself and dad if you don’t just keep it together.

“”I’m shocked that you have refused to meet with me, but it was your decision. Let’s now get past this and figure it all out later.”

The woman said she had “It was lost”, then ended up kicking Pam and her family out of the service.

People on Reddit were stunned by her reaction, saying the “real a**hole* is her dad.

They added: “He told Pam you didn’t want to meet, he didn’t tell you that she exists, and then he dies and leaves you to sort it out?”

One woman claimed that the woman was rude towards her father while another said she was not important.