A woman shows her body hair in public by taking off her bikini and showing off her legs


OnlyFans model revealed she once stripped down in a bikini to show her body hair at busy London Tube station.

Camille AlexanderA woman who has stopped shaving her body four years ago says that there is an alternative. “double standard”In society, body hair is treated differently by women.

So, in order to normalise body hair on women, the 25-year-old decided to do something she had always dreamt of – to go out in public in a bikini.

Camille, in a video that she shared exclusively to Silver Screen Beat, dances inside a Tube station wearing only a black strappy Bikini and a PVC raincoat. It’s all part of a body positive display.

Camille put on a PVC raincoat on top of her bikini and danced inside a tube station
Camille donned a PVC jacket over her bikini top and danced inside a Tube station

She dances to the music and then flings her arms in the air, embracing the wind when the train arrives at the station.

“It was in the summer and it was raining like crazy before I went out and I was upset because we didn’t get any sun at all, so I put on my bikini and raincoat and I went out like this to meet my friends,”Camille shared this story.

She wanted to make the society to accept women with body hair
She has thousands on Instagram and TikTok.

“I had always dreamt of going out like this and it seemed like an appropriate day, people just looked at me weird but I don’t think anyone said anything.”

Camille, a Parisian who moved to London with her band A Void and said that people in the UK are more welcoming. “open”Accepting women with body hair.

She recalls a conversation she had with a waiter while out with a friend wearing a bikini.

The 25-year-old stopped shaving four years ago and has been advocating online for body hair positivity
The 25-year old stopped shaving four years back and now advocates online for body-hair positivity

“He asked me if I could put some clothes on, I said ‘no but I can drink elsewhere if that’s not ok’ and he was like ‘well I was just asking but you don’t have to’,” Camille explained.

“And then he gave me a double for the price of a single, probably cause he was feeling stupid.”

Camille has received positive messages from others who feel empowered watching her videos at TikTok.

Camille is trying to normalise women not shaving natural body hair
Camille tries to normalize women not shaving their natural body hair

“It’s the most amazing thing to hear and it makes it worth each negative comment I get,” Camille added.

“I want to tell them that it’s really up to them whether they’d like to remove their hair or not, whatever gender they are.

“It isn’t dirty, and it’s not something to be ashamed.”

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