A Woman Struggles to Transport a Giant Skeleton That She Stole from Her Front Yard


Home Depot giant skeletons are back as the most popular Halloween decoration. 

So hot, in fact, that one woman was spotted stealing it right from a Texas homeowner’s front yard. Surveillance footage shows that the thief tried to load the $300 skeleton in the back of her SUV. 

“They just start shoving this entire structure into the back of their vehicle,”GraziaRuskin, president and CEO of the Austin homeowner association. 

Vicki and Glen Euell, who have a giant skeleton in their front yard in Toms River, New Jersey, tell Inside Edition it’s not easy to put up the huge decoration. They couldn’t believe the video of the brazen theft.

Other Halloween news: People who dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer after the Netflix series have been receiving much backlash. eBay has banned the sale Dahmer Halloween costumes due to growing public outrage.

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