A woman with bowel cancer is forced to use a toilet three hours away because she has been leaking raw sewage.


Maggie Siksnys, a pensioner, has had to deal with a sinking toilet since June in her South London apartment. She has compared it to “living in the third dimension”.

A woman with bowel cancer was left with a toilet that spits raw sewage onto her bathroom floor. She had to travel three hours to go to her sister’s toilet.

Maggie Siksnys, a retired woman, has been suffering from a sinking bathroom since June.

The toilet has no back so water can pour straight onto the floor after she flushes it.MyLondon reports

Maggie, who has reached her late 60s and is a mother of two, said: “I smiled my way through cancer but this is worse than cancer. This is a different level to even having cancer.

“I feel like I am living in the third world to tell you the truth. I was born in a Peabody flat. I cannot live here anymore.”

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Maggie, who has lived in Victoria, South London’s Peabody Avenue her entire life, now finds herself in a pool of stagnant water every time she uses the loo.

Because of her condition, she has to go to the bathroom. However, to avoid any potential spillage on her floors, she must put all toilet paper and wipes in a nearby trash can.

Peabody, her housing association has put two pieces of wood underneath the toilet.

Although this prevents the toilet from moving around, the toilet still rottens the floor underneath and creates a sinkhole around it.

Maggie will soon have a major operation to remove her bowel cancer. Maggie carries a folder of health documents with her at all times, in case she falls ill.

Maggie said: “The last thing I needed was for the toilet to be unusable. I use the bathroom more often.

“They came in and said it was an emergency and put it down for work. They came a month later but I haven’t seen them since.

“I have been going to the toilet at my sisters in Kent. It’s three hours travel.

“The whole toilet is sinking. It’s embarrassing when you have got a problem like that.”

Maggie is struggling to get up off the toilet due to her cancer. She has had to climb onto the bath and sink to keep the toilet from moving beneath her.

Despite her best efforts, the water continues to return each day, despite her best efforts to clean it up.

She also added: “I am spending more time out the flat than in it. It’s adding to my anxiety and because of this I’m not sleeping very well.”

A Peabody spokesperson said: “Peabody Avenue is a well maintained, regularly inspected estate that is in good condition.

“Where leaks or other issues arise in individual properties we deal with them promptly in the vast majority of cases.

“We are not experiencing an increased level of repairs at this estate and will look at all urgent cases within 24 hours if they are brought to our attention.

“Some residents with additional needs on the estate are also being supported by our tenant and family support team and the council.”

They added that investment in the estate was being “Increased scale” after the pandemic, and that a backlog of repairs was being worked through.

Peabody also claimed to have “All urgent repairs were made quickly” on the Victoria estate.

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