A Young California Boy Recovers After 2 Rattlesnake Bites


A California boy, aged 12, has been able to recover from two bites from a rattlesnake. 

On Oct. 6, a 4-year-old boy in Cottonwood, California was attacked by a rattlesnake. reported Action News Now. 

According to Action News Now,  the boy’s parents said he was outside playing when the incident occurred. 

The six-inch snake came out from under a nearby rock and bit him the first time, and then a second time when he accidentally stepped on the snake, reportsAction News Now 

Action News Now reports that the boy was then flown by helicopter to Sacramento, where he received anti-venom treatment.

The boy made a quick recovery and was visited by one of the hospital therapy dogs before being released on Oct. 8, reported Action News Now. According to the news source, he returned to school by October 11. 

His family wanted to keep his privacy, so they chose not to reveal his identity. But his dad refers him as a “miracle kid”Action News Now reports that he has made a rapid recovery. According to the news source: The family expressed gratitude for Sacramento’s hospital that treated their son. 

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