Aaron Carter, a Pop Artist, has been reported to have died at the age of 34


Aaron Carter, an actor and pop singer-turned-rapper has reportedly passed away. Carter was Nick Carter’s younger brother.

According to reports, the 34-year old was found dead in the bathtub at his Lancaster, California home on Saturday morning.

Sources in law enforcement confirmed to TMZ that they were called by 911 about a drowned man in the bathtub. Carter’s death was confirmed further by media outlets.

According to reports, so far there has not been any evidence or information about foul play. 

Carter was born in Tampa on December 7, 1987. He began his career opening for Backstreet Boys during their 1997 tour. Carter’s self-titled debut was released when he was nine years old. It would be the first of five studio albums he’d put out, the last of which was released in 2018.

Carter’s first album sold a million copies and his second sold three times as much. Singles included “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” “That’s How I Beat Shaq,”He was a Nickelodeon regular, which made him a frequent guest.

Later on in his career, he switched to rap and appeared on numerous television shows. He was seen on many shows, including “Dancing with the Stars”, “I Heart Nick Carter” “The Doctors,”Where he admitted that he was suffering from substance abuse.

Carter was open to discussing his legal and substance abuse problems. He checked into the Betty Ford rehabilitation center in 2011 for the first time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carter’s most recent stay occurred earlier in the year.

A domestic violence incident allegedly caused him to get into legal trouble in 2020 also led to his troubles.

He made headlines in 2017 when he revealed that he was bisexual to his followers on Twitter. 

Recent appearances include on OnlyFans and in a match with Lamar Odom in celebrity boxing.

Prince, his son, is his survivor.







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