Aaron Carter Dies at 34


Aaron was 9 years old when he became famous with the hit song “Pop Hit” in 1997. “Crush on You,”Cover of a song The Jets. He went on to tour as an opening act for the Backstreet Boys as well as Britney Spears before headlining his own concerts.

Aaron released five studio albums, the last being the 2018 record LØVËHe charted his first four albums in the Top 20 Hot 200 Albums Charts. He also appeared as a teenager on television with minor parts. Sabrina the Teenage Witch7th Heaven Lizzie McGuire, whose star Hilary DuffFor many years, she was with him. Aaron won the 2009 ESPY competition. Dancing With the Stars. And, in 2021, he tried his hand at boxing, participating in an exhibition boxing match with Lamar OdomWho won?

Aaron has been focusing on his music in recent years and has been active on social networking where he sometimes chats with fans live on-camera. He promoted his single and music video on Nov. 3. “Lately,”Collaboration with fellow artists Mic GarciaYou can find more information at Instagram.

Following the tragic news of Aaron’s passing, celebs and fans paid tribute. “Fame at a young age is often more a curse than a blessing and Surviving it is not easy,” singer Diane Warren Tweet. “RIP Aaron Carter.”

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