Aaron Carter’s Sister Leslie Also Died Under Tragic Circumstances


Aaron Carter’s death this weekend rocked the music world, prompting some to reflect upon the tragic loss of Leslie Carter, his older sister. Leslie Carter, who followed her older brother Nick Carter into music in the 2000s, died in January 2012 at the young age of 25. In the years that followed, the Carter family was also affected by her death.

Jane Carter and Robert Carter’s second child, Leslie, was their second child. This followed Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys and Angel Carter. At the age of 13, Leslie signed a contract with DreamWorks Records to help her family succeed. Her single “Like Wow!”Her album was canceled after she appeared on the Shrek soundtrack. Her return in 2005 led to her formation of The Other Half.

Leslie, like her brother Aaron, suffered from depression and addiction along the way. Although much of the information was made public by Aaron, fans hesitate to accept it as fact since Aaron could have been suffering from addiction. His family members have also disputed some of Aaron’s accounts.

Leslie, who was visiting her father in Mayville and her stepmother in New York at the time of her death on January 31, 2012, died. According to reports, she had complained of feeling sick and fell in the shower. She then went to sleep. She didn’t wake and she was rushed to the local hospital.

Local authorities Noted that Leslie had been taking three prescription medications at the time of her death – a muscle relaxant, an anti-anxiety medicine and an antipsychotic. The incident report also included the following: “overdose follow up”However, overdose was not considered a cause of death.

Leslie was Lay to restThe family tension was revealed slowly over the years, though it was kept quiet and private. On Dr. Phil McGraw’s 2013 airing, Nick Carter stated that he hadn’t attended Leslie’s funeral because he felt his family was blaming him for her death. He stated that he had a good relationship with his remaining four siblings. “has been toxic,”Some communication problems between them can be attributed to their participation in reality TV.

Aaron Carter frequently spoke out about Leslie over the last four years via social media and interviews. Later pop stars struggled with drug addiction and also tried to recover in public. His cause of death has yet to be announced.

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