Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady react to teaming up for “The Clash”.


The ClashThe event is back and two great NFL quarterbacks will be competing. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are joining forces to challenge Josh Allen (young quarterback) and Patrick Mahomes (young quarterback). Brady and Rodgers participated in The ClashMultiple times, but always against each other. Allen and Mahomes will be competing in this event for the first-ever time. 

The 2021 NFL season saw success for all four quarterbacks. Brady had one the greatest seasons of his career. He threw for 5,316 yard and 43 touchdowns while achieving a 102.1 passer rating. However, he was unable to play in the Super Bowl because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost in the divisional round to the Los Angeles Rams. Rodgers was also unable to participate in the Super Bowl, but he won his fourth MVP award for throwing for 4,115 yards and 37 touchdowns for the Green Bay Packers.

Allen was huge in 2021, throwing for 4,407 yard and 36 touchdowns. Allen also ran for 763 yard and six scores for Buffalo Bills. Mahomes was the Kansas City Chiefs’ fourth consecutive AFC Championship after throwing for 4,839 yards with 37 touchdowns. Here’s how Rodgers, Brady and Mahomes react to the situation. The Clash announcement.