Aaron Rodgers dresses up as Nicolas Cage to Packers Practice and Social Media Lights Up


Aaron Rodgers arrived at Green Bay Packers training camp dressed in style. The star quarterback continued his tradition at preseason events of wearing flashy clothes. He was wearing a white tank and tucked into long, dark hair.This look is identical to Nicolas Cage’s in 1997 film. Con Air 

Rodgers seems content with his NFL career. Rodgers is playing his best football, even though he has not made the playoffs in three of the last three seasons. He also won the MVP award the past two years. Rodgers discussed with the players what they need to do to succeed during minicamp. 

“The most important thing for the young guys right now is to learn the offense, and like I’ve said many times there’s two offenses,” Rodgers said. “There’s the offense on paper and then there’s the offense that gets run on the field. They need to learn the offense on paper first, and once they get that down, then we’ll have plenty of time in training camp to get the other offense down.”Fans weigh in on Rodgers’ new look as he prepares for the 2022 season. 

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One person said it.: “OK, he’s doing a bit. Fine. But why did he just drop that bag there? It looks like an a-hole move, ‘I’ll just put my stuff here. Someone else can come and get it.'”


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