Aaron Rodgers gives a big update on the 2022 NFL Season.


Two months remain until the 2022 NFL season and Aaron Rodgers is eager to win another title before he retires. But when will Rodgers call it a career, and will he be a member of the Green Bay Packers when he decides to let the game go? The Packers quarterback said that he would remain with the team throughout his career during the offseason.

Rodgers stated that playing is a form of entertainment. “the easy part”The other is the a portion. “grind.”The four-time NFL MVP stated that he does not want to be a player. “bum standing back there playing like crap and not able to move around,”According to The Athletic. Rodgers didn’t tell reporters when Rodgers was retiring, but he will re-evaluate all of it once the 2022 season is over. Rodgers has signed a new contract to play for the Packers. 

Rodgers stated to reporters, however, that the contract extension he signed was only for a year. Rodgers does not intend to retire soon, but he knows the end is near. “This is my 18th season. Of course you think about the next chapter and what’s next in your life all the time. It doesn’t mean you’re not fully invested,”He added. “When I said I’m back, I’m 100 percent invested, and Matt (LaFleur) and I keep in touch all the time, and Tom and the young quarterbacks, and when I’m here, I’m all in, and those guys know that. They know what to expect from me, the type of play, the type of leadership, and that’s what they’re going to get.”

Rodgers’ high-level play makes it difficult to see him leave the game. Rodgers was able to finish last season with 4,115 yards and 37 touchdowns. He also had four interceptions. This earned him his fourth MVP Award. The team has won 13 consecutive games thanks to Rodgers’ performance over the past three seasons. Rodgers won just one Super Bowl in his entire career. This was the 2010 season. Rodgers now wants to win at least two more rings before his career ends.