Aaron Rodgers Responds to Seahawks Player Who Mocked His Touchdown Celebration


Aaron Rodgers is used to opposing players mocking his touchdown celebration, which is him pretending to have a championship belt. On Sunday, Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams did it when he intercepted a pass from the Green Bay Packers quarterback. But the only problem with that is it didn’t lead to much for the Seahawks as they lost 17-0. Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show and talked about Adams mocking his celebration. 

“I didn’t see him do it, but there hasn’t been a lot of positive things that come from guys doing it over the years,” Rodgers said, per USA Today “The boys can put together some mockups for some of those things, but there hasn’t been a lot of positives that have come away from guys mocking the belt over the years. That was a gift that I threw him late in the game, an absolute early Christmas present on that one, a bad decision. I obviously didn’t throw it anywhere near where I wanted to throw it.”  

Adams was happy to get a pick off of Rodgers because it’s not easy getting an interception from the three-time NFL MVP. In 6,882 passing attempts in his career, Rodgers has just thrown 93 interceptions. He has not had a double-digit interception season since 2010, which is the same year he won the Super Bowl. 

“Look, there have been some guys who have made some good picks over the years,” Rodgers continued. “A good play on the ball, or baiting me. There hasn’t been a ton of guys, but those I really respect. And most of those guys, I tell them after the game, I say, ‘Hey, man, good play.’ I got respect for that. And I respect Jamal. He’s a hell of a player. But that wasn’t necessarily the most difficult one. I kind of threw it right to him.”

The Packers are happy to have Rodgers back after missing last week’s game due to him testing positive for COVID-19. With the win on Sunday, the Packers are tied with the Arizona Cardinals and the Tennessee Titans for the best record in the NFL. If the playoffs were to start today, the Packers would have the No. 1 seed in the NFC.