Aaron Rodgers Trolls Rex Ryan During Explaining Foot Photo


Aaron Rodgers had some fun explaining his viral foot photo at the expense of Rex Ryan. The Green Bay Packers quarterback made an appearance on Pat McAfee ShowHe spoke to the media about showing his foot last week, while explaining his toe injury. Pat McAfee questioned Rodgers about his decision to show off the foot. 

“I think Rex Ryan probably enjoyed it,” Rodgers said. Rodgers refers to what happened to Ryan in December 2010. Michelle, his wife, posted a video of the ex-head coach of the New York Jets in which he was seen in a footfetish video. According to the New York Post.Ryan responded to a question regarding the video by saying that it was a personal matter.” wouldn’t discuss it any further. Ryan received support from Jets officials and would go on to lead the team to the AFC Championship for the second consecutive year. 

Rodgers joked at Ryan and also discussed his fractured toe, as well as whether or not he will need surgery. “As compared this Monday to last Monday, I definitely felt better — same with this Tuesday to last Tuesday,” Rodgers said per Pro Football Talk. “So I’ll just keep getting treatment. We’re hoping to avoid surgery, obviously, but the surgery would be such a minor one it wouldn’t be something that I’d have to miss time with. That’s a prerequisite for any surgery that I have at this point — I’m not going to miss any time. So we’ll re-assess early next week and make a decision. But it’s not something where [I’d miss time]. I could have surgery on a Monday or Tuesday and play on Sunday.”

Rodgers does not want to undergo surgery, as it could cause more problems throughout the season. “Now it would avoid any further displacement, but it would immobilize the toe,” Rodgers said. “So, we’re hoping that with a couple weeks here, we can get enough healing that maybe we can avoid doing that.”

After 12 consecutive weeks of play, Rodgers has this weekend off for the Packers and Rodgers. The injury has not stopped Rodgers from playing. His Packers record of 9-3 is the second best in the NFC. Rodgers has thrown 2,878 yards, 23 touchdowns, and four interceptions this season with a 105.5 quarterback rating. 

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