According to a father who is heartbroken, there are no leads or suspects in LSU senior’s murder.


The father of a college senior who was shot and killed is crying out for help to find her killer. Allie Rice (21), was shot through her windshield multiple times while stopping at a railroad crossing to return home in Baton Rouge. 

Louisiana State University marketing major had been out with friends when she was struck by a barrage of bullets. When the bullets struck, she was enjoying fries.

“She was brilliant. She had such an amazing future in front of her,” Allie’s father, Paul Rice, told Inside Edition.

Paul believes his daughter was wrong at the wrong time.

“She had no enemies. She wasn’t dating anybody. She was just out with her friends that night,”Paul said.

Allie Rice was always smiling. She shared videos of herself dancing with her father, and they were very close.

Police have yet to identify any motives or suspects in the slaying. The location where Rice was shot doesn’t have any surveillance cameras, which could have helped with the investigation.

“At this point, there’s really not any leads,”Paul Rice. 

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