According to a sketchy source, Michael Douglas had to undergo plastic surgery in order to keep up with Catherine Zeta Jones.


Did Michael DouglasDo you just want to get work done? One report claims that Wall StreetStar recently had to go under the knife to get some cosmetic surgery in order to keep up with his younger wife. Catherine Zeta Jones. Loads of tabloid stories prey on their age difference, and any story insulting someone’s look raises an eyebrow. Let’s investigate.

‘Michael’s Mug Looks Younger’

According to the GlobeDouglas is de-wrinkling to keep up with Zeta Jones. The two-time Academy Award winner supposedly fears he’ll be dumped if he doesn’t look younger. “She’s still so young and vibrant, it’s understandable he’s worried about losing her,”A spy reveals.

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Friends were apparently discussing what type of work Douglas might have done. “Michael’s got a spring in his step and looking way less wrinkled. He’s been hitting the gym too,”According to one insider. A doctor who hasn’t treated Douglas believes he’s had Botox to soften his face. The tipster concludes that Zeta-Jones will love her husband no matter what, but she doesn’t mind having a younger suaver version of Douglas back.

What is Michael Douglas doing?

How can plastic surgery help Douglas to keep up? It’s not like getting Botox will suddenly give him more energy or exuberance. It could just be used to smoothen some wrinkles. The very premise of this article just doesn’t make sense.

There is no evidence to support the claims. GlobeOther than anonymous friends or doctors, there are no other people who can help you. Douglas’ real pals would not cruelly discuss his appearance with such a trashy outlet. The doctor in this story has never treated Douglas. The devil’s in the details here, and the story is very careful to say Douglas mayHave had work done. It is speculation.

Zeta Jones uploaded a charming Instagram video featuring herself, Douglas and their children, as the story reached newsstands. All dancing together. It’s hard to tell if Douglas had life-changing work done because of the lighting, but if he did, it must have been really subtle. It is clear how close they are. The energy deficit is not what is causing the two to break up.

Age is a common target

There are many ways to bogusly target Douglas and Zeta Jones’ marriage, but tabloids always repeat the same story: Zeta Jones is too young to be married. She’s been debunking this rumor since 2001. She was totally unbothered when they got together, so why would she care now that they’ve spent over 20 years together?

The GlobeThis drum beat too many times for me to count. Just last month, it claimed Douglas couldn’t keep up while Zeta-Jones was just as active as ever. Zeta-Jones allegedly asked Douglas not to have plastic surgery one year ago. It again painted Douglas as very self-conscious about age. It would be obvious that the age gap was meant to cause a split between Zeta-Jones and Douglas. They’re doing just fine, and he looks the same as he has for years, so this story is totally false.

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