According to Anonymous Insider, ‘American Pickers’ are struggling following a 35% drop in ratings after host firing.


Is it? American PickersOn the verge de extinction? The A&E series seems to have fallen in viewership after Frank Fritzhe was taken out of the show, leaving Mike WolfeRobbie and his brother Robbie are the faces of this program. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Pink-Slipped Picker Fred Gets Last Laugh’

According to the National EnquirerThe ratings for American pickers haven’t been doing well since Frank Fritz’s firing. Fritz’s final episode drew in 1.2 million viewers, the outlet notes, while only 830,000 viewers tuned in for its March 23 episode with the Wolfe brothers. After multiple surgeries and a stint in rehab, Fritz ended up announcing that he’d no longer be appearing in the show, sparking some of the messiest co-star drama on TV.

A source claims that Fritz is pleased with the sliding ratings. “He’s telling anyone who’ll listen that they’re getting their just rewards now.”The insider claims that he is a sucker for old friends who spiral without him. The insider says, “This is the viewers’ way of saying the show’s just not the same without Fred!”

Pay Attention to That Title!

This story has big letters at the top. “Fred Gets Last Laugh.”He is also called Fred by the final sentence of a source. His name is Frank, and not Fred. How are we supposed to trust what this source says when it literally doesn’t even know the man’s name. Typos happen, but it’s very hard to trust a story when such an important detail gets ignored—especially given that the article calls him Fred five times.

This story has two parts. It’s true that ratings are down without Frank Fritz. The Get in touch unfairly compares his finale episode to a random weekly episode, but it doesn’t matter all that much. Ratings have been All season, it’s down American PickersThey have fallen below 1,000,000. It’s harder to believe that Fritz loves seeing the series fail as he’s got more pressing things to worry about. Fritz is reportedly behind on his taxes and owes thousands of dollars to the government. Unfortunately, Fritz also lost six figuresHe was in a bad relationship years ago and money problems have been following him around for some time.

Even though there’s real bad blood between Fritz and his old co-star Mike Wolfe, he has not been sounding off on American PickersIt will take a while. There’s nothing stopping him from publicly slamming the show, so there’s no evidence to back this story.

What’s Going On With ‘American Pickers’?

The problem is American PickersTabloids are able to hear the music of this song. OK!Although Mike Wolfe claimed the crew was turning against him, the season was still shot without a hitch. The Globe announced Wolfe’s relationship was getting sabotaged by Danielle Colby, but she’s a close friend. It’s surprising to see such a long-running series suddenly lead to so much drama, but here we are. Here’s hoping Fritz is welcomed back to the show for the sake of the fans.

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