According to author, Harry had always wanted to be free from the Royal Family. Meghan provided him with the tools to do that.


Tina Brown, author of The Palace Papers, a new explosive royal book says that Prince Harry wanted to leave the Firm from the beginning but was only able to do so after he got married to Meghan Markle.

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Meghan and Harry attend an athletics event at Invictus games

A royal author claims that Prince Harry wanted to leave the Royal Family from the beginning, and Meghan Markle helped him do so.

Tina Brown, author of The Palace Papers, has released a new explosive book. She claims that the Queen knew Harry would do his thing at one time.

She believes that it was only after he met Meghan that it was possible for him to do it. “understood the world of agents and deals”.

She also said that the term “Megxit”, which Harry used to refer to the exit from the Firm, was not fair.

Harry and Meghan left the senior working royals role more than two decades ago to start a new life financially in California with their children.

They have signed multi-million-dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix, but they have not released much content.

Also, speaking in a Interview with Washington PostBrown said: “You know, I think–I think that it is true, though, that Meghan has been unfairly–you know, I say this in the book. I actually think that it was unfair, in a sense, to call it Megxit, because I really think Harry wanted out himself. And you know, one of the advisors did say to me–and I was kind of shocked by this.

“I was told by a close friend that Harry was going somewhere. He was so unhappy. The Queen knew Harry would eventually want to leave. They didn’t expect it to happen so quickly and in the manner that it did.

“And I think it’s also, then, fair to say that Meghan gave Harry the tools to leave, you know, I mean because she was wired in. She understood the world of agents and deals. And I mean, this wasn’t Harry’s world.

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“He suddenly found Meghan, a worldly strategist, whom he trusted above all other advisors. It was a smart, good move that I don’t believe.

“I think that, yes, I get that he wanted, you know, this more exciting and imaginative use of his–of his gifts. But I think there was a lot that could have been achieved inside the royal family.”

The author also stated that the couple was in love during the interview. “completely underestimated”It was hard to imagine what life would look like without the Royal Family.

She said: “I think they both complete underestimate what it was going to be like without the Palace platform.

“Even though they hated, and I believe they did, the constraints, and the pettiness, were essentially what they conceived.

“Because what the Palace does, of course, it has an amazing convening power, there’s no one who won’t take a phone call from Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace, they’ve got a huge convening power.

“Every invitation in the universe comes through this channel. Private secretaries can then sift through and ask what about appearing like this or why don’t you?

“All of that is now gone and they have to have PRs do that for them and their judgement is not necessarily the best judgement.

“They want to make the royal brand more visible and nobody does it better than Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace.”

Brown’s book The Palace Papers contains countless shocking allegations about the Queen and the rest of the royal family.

It covers everything from Prince Charles’s unusual bathroom demands and requests that his shoelaces are ironed, to insight into the Duchess of Cambridge’s difficult relationship with her sister-in-law, Meghan.

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