According to author, Meghan and Harry could return to UK to help modernise the royals’


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may still be able to return to Britain in future to rejoin the Royal Family. “there is a need”Tina Brown, an ex-Vanity Fair editor, has some words of wisdom for them

Experts believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may still be able to return to Britain to modernize the Royal Family.

In March 2020, the Duke and Duchess were removed as active members from the Firm. They now live in Montecito with their two children.

They signed multi-million-dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix, but also caused controversy by a series of negative accusations about their past lives.

Tina Brown, an ex-Vanity Fair editor in chief, believes otherwise “there is a need”They will be able to go back.

LBC’s Tonight With Andrew Marr was interviewed by the journalist and author who said that the couple were a “huge asset”The family is looking to the future and modernize.

“They were a huge asset as a couple to the royals and I think they actually, they really needed them,”During the interview, she stated that.

“I mean, they were the face of, you know, younger, connecting to the young of England.

“Being able to include a woman of color in the Royal Family was a wonderful way to connect with a diverse nation.

“So there was a need to have them back, I think. There is a need, I think, to have them back.”

Ms Brown, the author of The Palace Papers : Inside the House of Windsor and the Truth and the Turmoil published last month, said that Meghan is. “pretty practical about solutions when it comes to move on”.

She is adamant that the Duchess could reach the point where she considers her to be the “Duchess of Cambridge.” “biggest role”She can also have in “coming back to England”.

“At which point that will be the time to rediscover a deep love for the British,”Add before laughing.

Ms Brown stated that the Sussexes might then be, “in a sense”She believes they can pick up the pieces and help modernize things where they left off. “is going to be now the focus”.

She also added: “Ironically, they left just at the point when things were about to get really kind of, for them, perhaps more malleable to change.

“It’s obvious that the Queen will die and it will need to be a massive rethink.”

Harry and Meghan briefly returned to the UK last month on their way to the Invictus Games in Holland.

It was the first time they’d been in the country together since they moved across the Atlantic two years ago.

During her appearance on LBC, Ms Brown also spoke about how next-in-line Prince Charles will have a transitional reign in which he has to help modernise the family and lay the ground work for Prince William.

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