According to Dubious Source, Chris Rock is allegedly ‘In Hide’


The Academy Awards’ most shocking moment is now. Will SmithHe got up from his seat and was smacked. Chris RockRock is visible all over the face. Rock hasn’t been seen since presenting the award for Best Documentary to Summer of Soul. One report says he’s in hiding. Here’s what we know.

Shameful hiding

Rock presented Questlove with an Academy Award, while Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington consoled Smith. Smith received his Oscar shortly thereafter, and was later seen dancing at the Vanity Fair Party. Rock is said to have gone to his dressing area and dipped into the back of the venue.

RadarOnline reports that Rock was stirred by the slap. Before leaving the show, he spent time with his friends. He managed to sneak into his car despite the Academy Awards being jammed with media. 

Rock’s publicists deliberately ensured Rock would go to Madonna’s party, where no cameras are allowed, while Smith would get photographed living it up. The Madagascar star doesn’t want to get photographed with a bruise on his face.

Bit Of A Long Shot

Many people were not photographed after the Academy Awards. Al Pacino and Liza Minnelli, presenters, were not seen backstage. Rock’s unwitnessed escape is not unusual.

He Can Stay Away With No Reason

Rock won’t be out of the spotlight for much longer. He’s about to go on tour with six dates at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre starting on March 30. Get your tickets The sales of products have soared since the Academy Awards, to nobody’s surprise. While this story alludes to Rock canceling some dates, you’d think he would have done so by now.

Smith, for his part, apologized to Rock via Instagram. “I would like to publicly apologize to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong.”He also apologized again to the Academy Awards. Until Rock himself speaks up, this is the last we’re likely going to hear about it from Smith.

The whole story of Rock staying hidden becomes very unlikely when you consider that he has a financial incentive to not appear in public. We doubt that Rock’s publicists were able to control which party Rock attended for the sakes. Everyone was doing as they pleased. Rock could make a fortune from Netflix if it was his choice to film a series about the infamous night. Only time will tell.

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