According to one rumor, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are supposed to have 5 rules after their wedding.


Did Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck come up with a list of rules to follow now that they’re married? One tabloid reports that Lopez and Affleck are determined for their union to succeed, even if this means sticking to a plan. Here’s what we know about Bennifer’s so-called “marriage rules.”

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Draft ‘Marriage Rules’?

This week’s edition of Life & Style reports Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have both been married and divorced before, but they’re determined to make their union stick. Evidently, the GigliFive rules have been set by co-stars to make sure that their marriage is happy and healthy.

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First, let’s talk about “spend no more than 5 days apart,” meaning that—even if they’re caught up with work—they will always make the time to fly and see each other. Secondly, the famous couple insists on FaceTiming each other twice a day when they’re apart to fulfill their rule of “be in constant communication”Texts can be “misconstrued.”

The third spot on the roster goes to “take child-free vacations,”A rule that requires them to have a romantic getaway once in a few months. They must follow the fourth rule. “leave the past in the past” so they don’t go in circles arguing about the same things they argued about 20 years ago.

Finally, the couple wants to be together. “keep work separate.”Both, apparently. Gigli and Affleck’s cameo in Lopez’s “Jenny from the Block”Their relationship was so damaged that they vow to never work together again.

“Ben and J.Lo made these rules to keep themselves accountable and to remind them that their relationship always comes first,”An insider’s view. “That’s something that didn’t always happen in the past.”

Bennifer Planning To Prioritize Partners?

Let’s humor the tabloid for a bit. Let’s say that this odd story about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s “marriage rules”It is real. How would the tabloid find out about this? Who has sat down and listened as the couple outlined their five rules for happy marriage? No one, that’s the obvious answer. Even if this story were true—which seems like a huge longshot in our opinion—the sheer fact that it’s coming from an unnamed “insider” makes us question it.

Furthermore, we’re guessing that Affleck and Lopez wouldn’t be so formal about these things. They’ve been married to other people before, and they also have plenty of experience being in a serious relationship with each other. We can’t speak for the couple personally, but we’re guessing that they have a pretty good grasp on these standard “marriage rules” even if they aren’t listing them out explicitly.

For what it’s worth, the line about the couple not liking texting rings as especially odd given that the two stars reportedly reunited after exchanging emails back and forth. Lopez and Affleck were seen packing. their usual PDA on a Dunkin’ Donuts run, it doesn’t seem like marriage has changed much for the couple.

The Tabloid on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

We were skeptical when we first heard about this story. Life & Style‘s past reporting on the couple. Last year, the outlet reported Jennifer Garner was warning Lopez about her relationship with Affleck. Then the magazine claimed Affleck and Lopez’Their relationship was in shambles and they were heading for a split. And finally, the rag alleged Affleck wasn’t happy with Lopez’s demands while house-hunting. This story was doubtful before we even saw it.

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