According to Princess Diana’s Butler, Meghan Markle’s ‘Controlling” Will See Prince Harry Return To The UK


It is Prince Harry under Meghan Markle‘s thumb? After receiving testimony from a body language expert and Princess Diana‘s former butler, one tabloid sure seems to think so. Let’Let’s take a closer look.

Prince Harry has been crowned ‘Given Up Everything’To be with Meghan Markle

In this week’s edition of OK!, Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, shares some powerful insights into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage. The tabloid starts the article by consulting a “body language expert” to assess Harry and Markle’s behavior at a recent polo match. The specialist said Markle was present at the polo match. “over-possessive and maternal”As she pulled her husband in for an intimate kiss, “Meghan adopted, commend, control, steer’ mode, placing both hands around Harry’s face as they kissed,”The expert laughed.

And, according to Burrell, the couple’s public appearance has come as a major disappointment. “I thought that Meghan was this breath of fresh air who would modernize the royal family and bring all the vital elements that were missing, but what kind of love is this? I feel that, from her body language at the polo, she came across as smothering,”Burrell comments. “I think Harry is totally besotted with her. He’s given everything up.”

Burrell warns Harry about his California discontentment. “Trying to resurrect his life by playing polo in Santa Barbara isn’t going to cut the mustard,”The ex-butler bristles. “It’s not the Guards Polo Club at Windsor where everyone he went to school with plays polo. What mates is he going to find in California? He’s not grown up there with anyone.”

Burrell concludes by saying that the duke will wake up and realize that he needs to go back to the UK. “Harry’s going to need his brother one day. I think he will come back to this country with his tail between his legs. His brother will put his arms around him and say, ‘Welcome Home, Harry.’ I don’t think he’s totally happy. I think he’s missing his brother, I really do.”

Prince Harry or Prince Charming? ‘Unhappy In The States’?

Let’s get this out of the way now: Body language analysis is not a science, and it’s extremely unreliable. This specialist’s testimony about Meghan Markle appearing “over-possessive and maternal” is completely meaningless, and the outlet’s insistence on including it just proves how disreputable it is. Paul Burrell is the notorious former butler to Princess Diana.

Who is Paul Burrell?

Burrell is a controversial figure that—despite being decades removed from holding any kind of position working for the British Royal Family—continues to insert himself into royal matters at every turn.

While it’s useless to try and dispute his friendship with the late Princess of Wales, it in no way makes him an authority on these matters. From what we can tell, Burrell hasn’t had any kind of relationship with Prince Harry since he was a child, and therefore he’s just like the rest of us—an observer.

Aside from that, the ex-royal staffer can be notoriously inconsistent. There are many other instances where he can be found contradicting every claim he makes about the royals.

Burrell, for example, claimed the California statehouse right after Harry & Markle moved to California. Princess Diana planned to do the exact same thingShe would have been proud that Harry had taken the initiative to forge his own path. He even said that he didn’t think Harry would regret leaving his royal life. “I doubt he’ll miss being a royal,”Burrell spoke Us Weekly Back in 2020 “Yes, he was born a prince, but his long-term ambition is to be known as a humanitarian, like his mother.”

And now, Burrell insists moving to California was a mistake on the Sussexes’ part, and Harry will indeed end up regretting it. Clearly, Burrell isn’t a reliable source. Prince Harry said so himself, he’s “massively at peace”California. Who are we to disagree on the topic of the Duke of Sussex’s happiness?

More Royal Rubbish from the Tabloid

This isn’t the first time. OK! A misleading story was published about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by the outlet. The outlet reported earlier this year that Harry and Markle were at odds with Kristen Stewart over Markle’s portrayal Princess Diana. Spencer. The magazine then claimed Harry offered to join the royal family. The publication also claimed that Markle and Harry were married for the fastest time. Clearly, OK! isn’t the most reliable source anywhere the Sussexes are concerned.

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