According to royal biographer, Prince Harry was “very angry” before he met Meghan Markle.


The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry “without compass”And “didn’t know which way to turn”Andrew Morton, a royal biographer, claimed that Meghan Markle was his first girlfriend before he met her.

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Harry and Meghan: An expert’s swipe at royal duties

Prince Harry was “very angry”A royal expert had claimed that he was a prince before he met his future wife.

Andrew Morton, a biographer, stated that the Duke of Sussex “didn’t know which way to turn”And was “without compass”He lived for many years before Meghan Markle became his wife.

Harry was able to find purpose in the Invictus Games and he turned his life around. OK reports

” Prince Harry was a very angry young man and he was taking on the world, he was taking on paparazzi photographers particularly,”Andrew spoke on Podcast Royal.

“He was stumbling out of bars dishevelled and worse the wear for drink and he didn’t seem to have a compass.”

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Andrew added: “He was struggling to find himself and struggling with the loss of his mother, struggling to come to terms with it and as a young man, he wasn’t always the popular Harry of popular imagination.”

According to the royal expert, Harry was able to launch the Invictus Games in 2014 for wounded servicemen or women. “cause in life”.

He continued: “He’d cleaned up his act, he’d gotten involved in the Invictus Games, he had found his cause in life.

“He did not give up on helping soldiers with mental disabilities and servicewomen, but he continued to do so. I believe that this was what helped him find himself.

There has been much speculation about Harry and Meghan’s meeting.

The biography Finding Freedom claims their first date came in 2016 at Soho’s Dean Street Townhouse.

Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie, biographers, said the pair were “intelligent”. “their own little world”They spoke of making a difference in the world. “change for good”.

A friend of the pair reportedly told the authors: “‘Almost immediately they were obsessed with each other, it was as if Harry was in a trance.”

Weeks before they met, the prince had a boozy night with TV host Paddy McGuiness, who claimed Harry was an “absolute legend”.

They’d met in June 2016 before the Soccer aid charity football match.

Paddy wrote in his newly released autobiography, My Lifey: “To say we were dancing close was an understatement — our chests were touching. He asked me again if I could send him to Fernando’s.

“He took my shirt off. So now I’m topless, a bottle of beer in each hand, dancing with Prince Harry.

“We finished dancing and while everyone was cheering, we embraced and he gave me a smacker on the lips.”