According to sketchy rumors, Miranda Lambert was rumored to have refused to give husband a raise and then banned him from the tour.


Are You Miranda LambertAnd Brendan McLoughlinLet work get in the way of their love? According to rumours, tensions are escalating between the country singers and their ex-cop partner. Here’s the latest gossip from the tabloids.

Miranda Lambert Driving Brendan McLoughlin away?

Last year, National Enquirer McLoughlin said that McLoughlin was beginning to regret leaving New York City to marry Lambert. McLoughlin, a former NYPD officer, was fed up with being paraded around by Lambert and doing everything she requests. “She’s gotten used to having him around 24/7 at her beck and call. He’s feeling crowded, not to mention embarrassed by those shirtless pictures,”One tipper charged “Mutual friends think she should be warned to give Brendan some room and not treat him like a Vegas show guy.”

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However, we doubted that the couple would ever have said such offensive things to tabloids. What it really came down to was the magazine’s prejudice. McLoughlin should be embarrassed that McLoughlin was making less money than his wife. According to the rag, this is a problem. However, we were skeptical of Lambert’s outdated beliefs and all seemed well for the couple.

Miranda Lambert bans husband from the Residency

Then you can National Enquirer Lambert said she was paranoid McLoughlin would stray and Lambert was becoming paranoid. The country icon was preparing to take Las Vegas by storm and she was apparently telling husband to stay at home. “The last thing Miranda wants is having to worry about what Brendan is up to while she’s working her tail off,”An insider’s dish. “Las Vegas is paradise for handsome young men, and she doesn’t want him to be led into temptation.”

We were skeptical about this story for a number of reasons. First of all, we weren’t sure how this magazine would have gotten this information, assuming it’s genuine. Was Lambert telling McLoughlin she was worried he’d cheat on her in Vegas? Or was she telling the truth? OtherPeople about her fears? Since neither option seemed very likely, we couldn’t take this story seriously. And considering the six-month-long residency wouldn’t start for another five months, we were sure the magazine was just blowing smoke.

Miranda Lambert Clutching Her Pocketbook?

The final word is the Inquire McLoughlin returned with a more bizarre story. This time, McLoughlin had resorted to begging Lambert for cash since she wouldn’t let him go out and get a paying job. “Brendan doesn’t regret leaving his job with the NYPD,”Spilled one tipter “But he’s forced to go to Miranda for money if he needs anything—like new socks. It’s especially awkward when it happens in front of friends.”

Evidently, this story was completely false. We seriously doubt McLoughlin’s claim that he has been financially stable since 2020. It just didn’t make sense that he’d leave his job without at least discussing how he and Lambert were going to handle their finances. Furthermore, McLoughlin had reportedly been handling Lambert’s security detail all this time, and we seriously doubt he was just doing that for free. Evidently, the Inquire was determined to spread lies about the couple, and we couldn’t trust a word it published.