According to sketchy sources, Kurt Russell is reportedly fighting with Goldie Hawn over rumored weight gain


Are you Goldie Hawn Kurt RussellHe is fighting with his weight. According to one report, Hawn no longer feels attracted towards Russell because of Russell’s body. Let’s learn if this rumor holds any water.

‘Kurt’s Jelly Belly Crushes Romance’

According to The Globe, Hawn and Russell have hit a rough patch because of Russell’s “massive jelly belly”According to one source, it is called “self-care.” Russell’s lack of interest in self-care is a total turn-off for Hawn. “They’re working through their issues and arguing less than they were, but as far as romance goes that’s apparently off the menu,” a source reveals.

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ˇThe two were once like teenagers, but the spark is dead supposedly because of Russell’s weight.  Hawn takes her health very seriously. An insider says, “she’s always trying to get him to eat better but he just totally ignores her.”The Little China: Big TroubleStar regularly consumes five-course meals and drinks wine and liquor to wash them down.

A key problem is their inability to commit. An insider concludes, “if Goldie were to finally go through with her promise to marry him that could make a world of difference for his self-esteem and motivation.

Selective Kurt Russell Photos

To prove its point about Russell’s body, the GlobeChoose two carefully selected photos. One features Russell leaving the water and looking down while visibly exhaling, so it’s obviously unflattering. It’s also notable that Russell goes to the topThe beach at 71 is inspiring, and he shouldn’t be ashamed.

The tabloid however, compares the photo of 2022 with a 1987 shirtless photo. He’s 36 in one, and 71 in the other. This is a pretty fair ratio. Although he is not the same, he does look different. “massive jelly belly”This is lunacy and cruelty at its worst.

Hawn wouldn’t be going to the beach with Russell in the first place if she resented his body. The two wouldn’t be together in 2022 if she was secretly wishing to get married. The GlobeRussell and Hawn cannot be happy together without a ring. Even in their seventies, they’re as happy as ever.

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Do it again

The Globe is obsessed with Russell’s body. It said that Russell was dangerously overweight, and that he could be dead in two years. This story seems absurd, as he appears to be fine one year later. Recently, it claimed Russell and Hawn weren’t sleeping together after a series of fights.

This tabloid would never speak to a source who knows intimate details. The Globe also trashes Russell and Hawn’s refusal to wed. You’d think after 40 years together the outlet would learn not to predict splits, but here we are.