According to some reports, Season 5 will bring an end to a million little things


A Million Little Things Could be saying goodbye to a million people. 

After the fifth season, ABC’s series might be ending. Series creator DJ Nash is reportedly crafting the final episodes, according to According to the outlet, the show will feature a “creatively satisfying conclusion.”

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The season four finale ended on a cliffhanger, as Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) battles cancer while also hiding the baby he and Maggie (Allison MillerThey are on the verge of completing their second season. News of the show’s potential ending has left fans curious about how the relationship between Maggie and Gary will unfold, but here’s to hoping that a closing season will answer all of our burning questions. 

“Everybody creatively at ABC was so supportive and wanted to see a fifth season happen,” Nash revealed to in May. And we knew that if it didn’t happen, our fans would be like, ‘You can’t end a series like that!”

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